Bonnie Merrick, Secretary


Owner - 1st Class Bail Bonds 2005 Make Mine A Million Award
Huntington Beach Bail Bonds Member PBUS
CBAA Board Member Orange County Bail Agents Association


Bonnie joined CBAA to be able to stay on top of what's going on in the bail bond industry, to make sure she understands the laws that regulate the bail industry. She also joined for the camaraderie. Bonnie believes there are a lot of good people who are bail agents and are involved in CBAA.

Bonnie entered the bail business a week after her 19th birthday. She had answered an employment ad for Plotkin Bail Bonds in Norwalk. She was told by a very tan gentleman, who wore gold necklaces like Mr. T and a Hawaiian shirt, that the position had been filled. He looked at my application and told me there was another position available at the bail bond office that would utilize her computer experience. She took the position and four years later married him.

His name was Dorry Plotkin. Being together 24 hours a day provides an intensive training for the bail bond business.Dorry and Bonnie had two children. Bonnie struck out on her own and opened her own bail bond business. She built it from the ground up. One of the first things she did was join her local bail agents association, the Orange County Bail Agents Association. Then she joined CBAA. Being a member of these two organizations provided her the support she needed to get her business off the ground.