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Option 1 - 12 CE Hrs: $198
Option 2 - 6 CE Hrs (1-6): $99
Option 3 - 6 CE Hrs (7-12): $99

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1 I hereby authorize CBAA to send me via fax or e-mail, information regarding its education program, legislative program, convention, and other pertinent information regarding the bail industry.
2 CBAA does not rent or sell its Membership data.
3 Completing this course with a successful final exam submission will earn you 1 hour of CE credit towards your bail license renewal.
4 You will have 12 months to complete this course. Your time will begin from the date of delivery. Your completion date is determined by your signature date on the final quiz and submission via email or by fax.
5 The course final exam consists of 5 multiple-choice questions. You must obtain a minimum score of 70% or greater to receive 1 hour of CE credit. Please note: You must complete and submit the last page of this course to the office for scoring and credit.
6 The amount charged for each CE unit is $17.00 per credit hour.
7 In the event you must retake the final exam, we will provide you 5 additional final quiz questions. You will follow the same procedure as above. You will complete the exam, sign and date the document and submit for correction.
8 Courses may not be repeated for additional credit more than once during a licensing period
9 Once you click "Send Continuing Education Registration" the form will send you to the payment page.
10 By submitting this form, you have read and understand the policies written above.