Additional Information

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given under the following circumstances:

1. You enrolled in the wrong course.
2. You cannot receive credit for the same course within the same licensing period.
3. If you made a profile and enrolled in the course that is considered taking the course.
4. If prior to creating a profile on the online campus you request a refund.

Refunds/Credit is never given under the following circumstances:

1. Cheating of any kind
2. Any technical manipulation of the course(s)
3. Allowing another to take your course.


Once you complete the course(s) you will submit an exit form. This triggers the completion process. We manually review each course section and quizzes to ensure they have been completed.

Once we have confirmed that you have completed the course you will receive an exit email from us that reflects the credit reported to the Department of Insurance. This will be followed up with an actual certificate that is mailed to you for your records.


You have 1 year to complete any course. Your course enrollment date begins when we electronically receive your enrollment. Please note: If you desire the credit for license renewal be sure that you complete the course well before your renewal date. You can look your license status up here: http://www.insurance.ca.gov/license-status/

You may only complete each course once during the licensing period.



CE Bail Education-Step By Step Instructions

Below are the steps to successfully enroll in the online courses. There are several steps. This is to ensure privacy as well as the integrity of the online campus.

Please leave this page open while you work each step.

Welcome to the California Bail Agents Association Continuing Education Online Campus. Below are instructions for you to enroll, pay tuition, and begin your courses. If you have taken courses with us before please know that your profile did not transfer to the new site. You must create a new profile in the new campus to access it. You will be required to create a new profile every licensing cycle.

Let’s get started!
1. To enroll in a course start here: https://www.cbaa.com/Online_Class_Registration.html. Leave this page open while you complete and submit form. You can enroll in all 1-4 courses at once. **If you've done this step move on to step 2. PLEASE NOTE: AOL, HOTMAIL, AND YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE NOT CONDUCIVE TO THE CAMPUS SITE. PLEASE USE PROPRIATARY OR GMAIL ADDRESSES WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

2. Once you complete this form it should route you to the tuition page. That link is here: https://www.cbaa.com/Education_Checkout.html . You can pay tuition for 1-4 courses at a time. Leave this page open while you complete this process. **If you've done this step move on to step 3.

3. Once the tuition is paid you must create profile on the new campus. That link is here: CAMPUS - leave this page of instructions open while you create a profile. Bookmark this link. Look on the right side of the form and click "New Account." You will be required to confirm your email account. Once the form is created and submitted, the system will send you a confirmation email. Check your email (look in spam too) and click link in the email to confirm your account. AOL and Hotmail users can create challenges in receiving this email. If you've created your profile and haven't received the email, please contact Brandie here. She will confirm your account for you.

4. Once you've confirmed your account, log into system using the username and password you created. You will land on the front page. This page has two sections.

5. Begin by identifying the course you want to take. Then obtain the enrollment key under “Start Here.” Copy this down or simply copy the enrollment key. Close that window.

6. Click course you’d like to begin. The system will prompt you for an enrollment key. Enter or paste the enrollment key you obtained under start here for the matching course. This will enroll you in the course. Obtain the enrollment key and enter it when prompted in each course.

7. It is critical that you work each section in order. You cannot skip around. The system times each section. When completed the system will allow you to move to the next section. Once the time has elapsed in the course you will be free to review any section.

8. Each course has mini quizzes in each section for retention and to ensure your participation. You cannot remain idle in any section. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the system will log you out. Each course has a final quiz. You must pass this quiz with 80% or greater. If you do not pass the first time, the system will allow a retest. If you do not pass on the second try the system will allow a retest after 24 hours have elapsed. This will allow you time to review the material prior to retesting.

Please make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. Also make sure your browser allows popups. If you need further assistance contact us here via email. Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best experience.